Services for Individuals & Business Leaders

Coaching is an individualized process that moves you from your current paradigm to the life of your dreams.


Are you at a crossroad, wondering where this journey will take you next? Maybe you’re reevaluating your path after a major life shift. Or maybe you just feel stuck, like all the pieces seem to be in place, but you’re being called to move in a different direction. Welcome, I can’t wait to help you! ?

In transformational coaching, we begin the journey by discovering your hopes, dreams and goals for a better life. Where are you now, and where do you want your life to go? Through the coaching process, we identify your blocks and obstacles. What’s holding you back, separating you from your dreams? How can we gently remove these obstacles and free up this energy to use as momentum to carry you closer to the life of your dreams?

Powered by this new surge of energy, we create a path of action, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be. At the same time, we develop accountability to keep this momentum going. Along the way, we also celebrate your victories as you realize the life of your dreams.


Are you looking to transform your workplace?

Relationships are the foundation of every company, and one negative interaction can infect the whole. Through transformational coaching, business owners can inspire a harmonious environment for themselves and their employees.

As a transformational coach, I utilize the lessons I’ve learned in building and running a successful small business. As we all know, the intricacies of interpersonal relationships in the work place can be challenging. Through transformational interactions, we will improve productivity and cooperation by re-establishing connections and promoting peace among colleagues.

I use a tool called an energy leadership assessment to help with this process. Learn more about this HERE.

Services available include workshops for your staff, either onsite or offsite.

Ready to transform your life?

The life you’ve been dreaming of is closer than you think!